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Men's Cat 4 Jamestown RR - Brian Campbell 10-09-07

NEBC Summary
6 Brian Campbell
40 Chuck Dopfel

The race started out at a relaxed pace for the first lap and I stayed in back conserving energy and scouting the course. On E. Shore Rd., I saw Chuck near the front and I realized was not the only NEBC rider. Just before the 138 bridge on N. Main Rd a
large crash occurred just behind me taking out bunch of riders. The 300 degree turn at the Beavertail light house was not nearly as bad as the announcer made it to be. The turn was not as sharp as it looked on the map, the road was plenty wide and everyone
slowed to a safe speed.

At the start of lap two I caught up to Chuck on E. Shore Rd. We stayed pretty much even until Summit Ave where the road conditions were so bad you had to mainly watch for bumps and pot holes. I moved up to the front on N. Main and took the Beavertail hill aggressively to stay with the front group for the
lighthouse turn. At this point the intensity picked up a bit and several riders came to the front but nobody mounted any serious attack. At Hamilton a hill sprint started and about 15 of us created a slight gap. I then made a lousy left turn on to Wolcott and
lost a couple of spots (maybe I should do some crits :) ) but sprinted again to get into the top ten. We started the decent and the race leader ended up crossing in front of me from the left, I looked to my right and hesitated for a second because someone else was coming up from that side. Before I knew it the
race was over and the leader ended up winning the race. Everything happened so fast and my lack of experience cost me, if I had jumped on the leaderâs wheel and did not hesitate I could have gotten around him before the finish line. Oh well next timeâ¦


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